Advanced Reporting with Business Intelligence AR Automation Oracle NetSuite

Powered by interactive data visualizations, businesses can extract actionable insights from the data and optimize their performance for continuous growth. 

Business Intelligence Reporting

PayGen's Business Intelligence (BI) software helps companies who use Oracle NetSuite to develop new strategies by analyzing the current market trends and to stay above their competitors. Our users can engage in features such as self-service BI, data discovery, budgeting, consolidation, dashboards, financial reporting, forecasting, KPIs, outstanding invoices, and aging reports.

More Tools for Better Decision Making Oracle NetSuite

PayGen’s AR automation database not only provides a business with real-time reporting on the status of invoices and payments, but allows companies to customize their reports and monitor KPIs. 

Increased Workflow

No Code or Extracting Data

See The Bigger Picture

Fast and Accurate Reporting

Intuitive Dashboards

Increased Competitive Advantage

Faster Decision Making

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Business Intelligence Tools

BI is for everyone- large, mid-size, or small enterprises. Customers want to be able to receive and pay bills online, you’re going to have to provide it sooner or later because most likely your competitors already do.    

Automate Your AR Now

Reduce late payments by 70%

Eliminate manual processes by 95%