AR Intelligence

Turn advanced payment data into actionable, real-time intelligence. PayGen automated accounts receivable revolutionizes the way Oracle NetSuite tracks and boost payments.  

Cash Application Powered by Artificial Intelligence

AR automation is the #1 tool other Oracle NetSuite companies use to achieve higher levels of efficiency. PayGen's AR automation software leverages artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help businesses improve their accounts receivables processes.

AI-Powered Accounts Receivable Automation for Oracle NetSuite

Explore how AR intelligence creates a seamless customer experience, enhances payment security in online shopping and the payment process.

Improve Cash Flow

Advanced Security

Better Forecasting

Faster Payments

No Human Error

Automate Workflows

Cost Savings

Real-Time Data

Fraud Detection

AI framework uses real-time data from the user’s network, past behaviors, and transactional history to establish a secure pattern.     

Automate Your AR Now

Reduce late payments by 70%

Eliminate manual processes by 95%