Cash Application

Automate matching and applying any payment from any channel using PayGen’s cash application solution. Payments are electronically deposited to your bank and synced with your Oracle NetSuite ERP system.      

Automated Cash Application

Enhance your cash visibility, cash position and leads to improvements in company cash flows. PayGen is a fully-integrated automated cash application. Our software accepts, processes and posts any payment method, from any payment channel—all on a single, truly integrated account receivables solution.

Payments Are Automatically Synced With Oracle NetSuite

Streamline the cash application process. Automate invoicing, collections, deduction, and credit risk management with our AI-powered accounts receivable software solution that supports Oracle NetSuite.   

Faster Payments

Greatly Reduces Error

AI Reads The Data

Open Up More Payment Channels

Faster Analysis

Easily Resolve Any Disputes

Automatically Imports Everything

Cash Application Is Scalable

Automate Your Cash Application Process in Oracle NetSuite

Automate 95%

of cash application with or AR automation software.

Reduce DSO By 35%

Going beyond DSO to optimize cash flow. Digitizing the cash application process reduces suppliers DSOs by 30%.

Automate Your AR Now

Reduce late payments by 70%

Eliminate manual processes by 95%