Custom AR Dashboard

Get quick insights into your company’s collection performance all-in-one place. PayGen’s AR dashboard derive from its ability to pull data from your Oracle NetSuite ERP system.  

Automated, No-Code Dashboard

PayGen is an incredibly useful information management tool. Using automation to gather information is easy and quick. Our AR dashboards monitor whether customers are paying on time and getting cash in-house quickly. Our automated system gathers company activity from multiple sources and post them to a dashboard timeline so you have visibility in one place.

Customizing AR Dashboards In Oracle NetSuite

Key dashboard features, such as customization by role and integration with accounting systems, let AR teams display real-time data and drill down into KPIs to increase a dashboard’s usefulness and benefits.

Create Custom and Actionable Reports

Derive Intelligent Insights

Well-Managed AR Workflow

Reporting and AR Analytics

Continuous Visibility

Custom Dashboard Creator

Automated Alerts and Reports

Real-Time Data

Get a 360° View of Your Collections

PayGen offers an intuitive dashboard that highlights details of a company’s receivables, including KPIs such as AR turnover and DSO, as well as aging reports and customer master files.   

Automate Your AR Now

Reduce late payments by 70%

Eliminate manual processes by 95%