Customer Portal

PayGen’s customer portal automation complements Oracle NetSuite’s invoicing suite to automate your customer’s payment process. Our intuitive portal is easy-to-use, secure and offers flexible payment options.       

One Portal, One-Click Payments

Give customers the expanded self service options and support they crave. Customers can make payments, set up Auto Pay, download receipts and statements, manage subscriptions and update information.

Customer portal automation tool customized for Oracle NetSuite

Creating a seamless and consistent customer experience is essential, that’s why PayGen automates as much as possible. Give your customers the control they want. This includes automating invoicing, issuing payments, and following up on delinquent accounts.     

Reduce Operational Costs

Secure File Sharing

Increased Efficiency

Access To Customer Feedback

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Fewer Errors

Lower Labor Costs

Self-Service To Manage Accounts

AR automation improves customer experience.

Modern customers are capable, informed, and tech-savvy, they want answers on their time and are comfortable using self-service options.        

Automate Your AR Now

Reduce late payments by 70%

Eliminate manual processes by 95%